"I have been a regular client of Catherine's since 2005.  I have had both the Deep Tissue Massage and the Lymphatic Massage.

Having tried other massage therapy in the area, I am most pleased by the personal and professional relationship that has developed which surpasses anything else I have found.

With connective tissue issues and various pain issues, I believe the various types of massage I receive are what keep me moving as I try to get 'Back On Track' ."

                                                                                 Joanne W., Bridgewater, VA

" Over the past five years, Catherine Slagell has been able to relieve swelling in my right arm caused by lymphedema, a side effect of a bout with cancer.  Massage has also been effective in relieving stress related muscle tension.  Well on my way to being six years cancer free, monthly massage appointments have had a huge impact on my recovery.  I recommend Catherine and her team to my friends and family without reservation."

                                                                                     Lisa G., Mt. Solon, VA


"I have osteoarthritis and massage therapy helps my joints and muscles. I receive a massage each week and I do not know how I could manage without my therapy."

                                                                                     Bill F. Bridgewater, VA